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Inspired by nature

How might nature inspired systems change the way we use data and how can this help to create a better future?

Core elements

  • Bio-networks inspired architecture

  • Relationship-centred designed

  • Decentralised system

  • Work independently or collaboratively

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere

  • Easy to use

  • Ready to integrate with legacy systems

  • Unlimited scalability

  • Independent, future-fit technology

7Vortex is an information system designed by the principles of biological patterns, evolutionary strategies and ecosystems dynamics; it provides the ability to store, retrieve and compute data in a naturally connected way.

Products & services

Visualize and enhance your thoughts

  • Embrace complexity

  • Blend divergent and convergent thinking

  • Save time, while creating beautiful visualisations

  • Work with established models and templates

  • Express your true self

  • Publish privately, publicly, or within your community

Empower your story

  • Create a dynamic narrative, transformative and observable through time

  • Customize freely and add images and videos to your nodes

  • Zoom from micro to macro view

  • Share on different media

Share &


  • Spread your work and gain immediate insights from your peers or the wider community

  • Create public or private channels for your community and teams

  • Build your organisational capacity to think and act systemically

  • Generate dynamic and adaptive knowledge networks

Unlock your ecosystem's potential

Discover new value creation opportunities

Study and shape interactions

Uncover patterns

Measure impact and identify unintended consequences

Forge new connections

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