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June 21st 2018

An open letter to our community of pioneers

Dear community,

Over the last months we have been working closely together with people, communities and organisations who are using 7Vortex all over the world; from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, United States, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Spain, South Africa, Australia… just to name a few!


All in all we’ve reached over 60 countries and more than 400 cities, and we are really happy to see how such a global and diverse community is sharing the visual and connected language that the nature-inspired architecture of 7Vortex provides us with.


Can you imagine the possibilities? 


It has become clear to us that, together, we are up to something powerful which we will continue to pursue. This is just the beginning of a collective journey and we are committed to continue empowering the community to scale its impact. We see the potential of 7Vortex to accelerate change, and we need a sustainable model that allows to realise our vision for the future. 


Our goal is to keep the service as accessible as possible and develop a network of mutually reinforcing relationships, which is why we are keeping a free version while enabling some payment options.



Whats new?


A sustainable membership model to allow us to look into the future.

  • Discoverer

    • For free

    • Access all content, plus: 

    • Special collections under “Discover” (new!)

  • Creator basic

    • For free

    • Unlimited public creations

    • All existing features, plus:

    • My Collections (new!)

    • Reorder (new!)

  • Creator premium

    • For 10 EUR/Month or 100 EUR/year

    • Unlimited private creations

    • All existing features, plus:

    • Copy/Transfer (new!)

    • Embed a map (new!)

  • Teams & organisations

    • Send us an email if you are interested.

New cool features and some changes on the platform

  • Summary of the new features:​

    • Discover: a new area accessible from the menu, with collections dedicated to special topics. Please reach out if your are interested in becoming a key contributor or a collection curator.

    • MyCollections: A personal area where you can organise and group your content into collections.

    • Reorder: which allows you to order how you want to display your nodes when making a presentation.

    • Copy/Transfer: gives you the possibility to copy or transfer a map to another 7Vortex user, be aware that “Transfer” deletes the map from your workspace.

    • Embed: enables you to embed your creations on other websites.

  • New content for you to explore:

    • We are happy to share the story of how we 7Vortex came to life, our letter to the community is here

    • We have a corporate website which you probably didn’t know about:


What about our relationship with you?

For those who have signed up from day 0, until now 21.06.2018, we are granting you a one-year premium membership for free, as a token of our appreciation.


We’ve heard many people say that 7Vortex requires a completely new way of thinking, while others say that it feels like technology is finally catching up with how their brain works and that 7Vortex is what they were waiting for.


Whatever the case may be and however you are using 7Vortex, we want to thank you for hitting that “sign up” button and immersing yourself in the challenge of the first empty canvas with a lonely bubble. And if you have become what we call a “ninja”, thank you for your feedback and for teaching us new ways of using what we created.


We have embraced the challenge of “empowering our community”, but the truth is that every day we are inspired by stories that pop up on our platform from various corners of the world. That is why, we feel that the best way to thank you and motivate you to stay with us and continue exploring the possibilities, is to give you another year where, regardless of the changes that we implement to our services, or whether you were ready to pay or not, we want to make sure that you do not experience any disruptions on our service.


What are your options now?

  • By not doing anything, you will continue automatically as premium user for one more year starting from now.

  • You can choose to opt out of the service, in which case your account and all its content will be deleted, in that is the case, please send us an email.

  • Before your yearly plan runs out, we will send you a notice in due time to remind you to add your payment method, so that you don’t experience any disruptions. You can already add your payment method of course.


What else can you expect moving forward?


Enhancing the digital, while strengthening the offline.

  • We will continue enhancing the platform, with a strong focus on the collaborative elements.

  • We will start sharing more content online, through a newsletter.

  • You will hear from us occasionally with ideas to promote your work throughout the community.

  • You will hear from us regarding offline activities, like workshops, seminars and impulse programs that we are working on.

Last but not least, remember 


Thank you, 

Camille, Hugo & Jose

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