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June 21st 2018

Our story

We all grew up in different places and contexts, and with different influences and experiences that formed our personalities and world views. Yet, when we met at university many years ago, we felt united by our values, our shared wonder and curiosity about the world around us, and mostly, by a strong sense of purpose about how we could actively shape our future.


Today, 20 years later, we are fortunate to have developed a personal lifestyle that makes sense for our own families, but, how is the future ahead for our children? Will they experience a divided world torn by resource scarcity crises?  Or will they live in a united, creative society thriving in balance with our planet’s resources?   


We strongly believe in our collective capacity to achieve the latter; through our work with social innovators over the last 10 years, we’ve witnessed incredible stories of hope around the globe and we all experience on a daily basis how technology is disrupting our way of life. However, what can we do to scale the good solutions? And, how might we drive technological innovation in the right direction?


We’ve created 7Vortex to facilitate environments where purposeful innovations can flourish, our goal is to harvest knowledge ecosystems that establish the right conditions for people and organisations to accelerate positive, systemic change.


Our work is an evolving concept that feeds from 40+ collective years of experience in a multitude of countries, industries and sectors such as: food and agriculture, personal care, apparel, aerospace, training and simulation, industrial internet of things, public policy, impact management, social innovation, biomimicry, supply chain transparency; every endeavour has brought value and encouragement to creating 7Vortex.


A very relevant phase was a 4-year period immersed in the wilderness, were we were triggered by a question: How might we draw inspiration from nature’s systems to transform our use of data into wisdom that can be harvested to create a more sustainable lifestyle? The result has been the 7Vortex community platform, a web-based system powered by graph technology, designed to transfer human knowledge in a naturally connected way. The platform is at an early stage and is the first of many more contributions that we are committed to make.


The times of change and opportunity that we live in, call for new approaches; every choice we make has an impact on society and on the planet, from how we produce, consume, work and travel, to what type of businesses, technologies and policies we create. Everything matters, and everything is connected!  We encourage you to continue looking for the right solutions and our hope is that 7Vortex helps you as creative source to inspire the world around you.


We look forward to evolving together!

     Camille & Hugo


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