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We design and create technology enabled ecosystems where purposeful innovations can flourish


We partner across sectors, emerging networks, and the tech community, to discover, test and co-create ideas and solutions that seek to
accelerate positive systemic change.  


Global community exchanging perspectives and connecting solutions powered by a knowledge ecosystems platform.


Co-design and co-creation of tech-based solutions for organisations seeking to unlock sustainable value creation across their operational ecosystem.


Consultancy, workshops and trainings, designed to learn and apply ecosystems thinking to optimize balance between impact, innovation and resilience.


Special initiatives and activations focused on connecting local, regional and global knowledge around specific challenges and opportunities.


who do we work with?





Professionals and researchers.

Businesses, non-profits and academia.

Associations, cooperatives and industry consortia.

Private innovation agencies, governmental bodies.


inspired by nature

enabled by technology

powered by collaboration


ecosystems thinking

The challenges and opportunities that we face in the rapidly changing times that we are living in, call for new approaches. 

In order to thrive as a creative society in balance with earth's resources, we need to take a macro view of the networks of interactions that surround us, and fundamentally shift our understanding of how we capture and generate value.

From how we produce, work and travel, to what type of businesses, technologies and policies we create, every action we take has an impact on society and on the planet.

Understanding the interconnectedness between all actors, actions and variables, interacting in multiple systems and contexts, is essential to bring us closer to a position of making smarter and more sustainable choices.

The times of linear, silo-driven, competitive thinking, are over.


Linear modeling
Isolated data
Stop-and-go decision making
Competitive relations
Exponential depletion


 Systems design
Contextualised narratives
Real-time collaboration
Value exchange networks
Regenerative creativity

ready to unlock your ecosystem's potential?

Combining our own research with adaptations of best practices from systems thinking, biomimicry, business modelling and relationship centred designed, we foster an evolving set of ecosystems thinking tools and methodologies, which we activate to help organisations unlock sustainable value creation opportunities.

  • Ecosystem analysis

  • Scenario mapping

  • Strategic business design

  • Organisational design

  • Partnership building

  • Technology scouting

  • Impact management

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Get in touch with us to talk about how we can help your organisation apply ecosystems thinking to accelerate its transformational journey.


A collaborative platform for a new kind of problem-solvers.
Designed to transfer knowledge in a systemic,
interdisciplinary and dynamic way.


How might nature inspired systems change the way we use digital information?

Following the principles of biological patterns, evolutionary strategies and ecosystems dynamics; we've designed an information system that provides the ability to store, retrieve and compute data in a naturally connected way.

By connecting interdisciplinary knowledge, visualising its relationships and understanding the value that every network agent can bring to an ecosystem, we can use our collective wisdom to inspire a new generation of thinkers, creators, inventors and entrepreneurs, to pursue endeavours that generate positive and sustainable impact for a better future for all.


People, communities and organisations from all over the world, working on all types of ecosystems -natural, social, organisational, technological-, are finding their own unique way to make the most out of the 7Vortex community platform.

Together, we are building a collective source of inspiration and knowledge, that evolves together with each member and the community as a whole.

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 education // circular economy // healthcare // sustainable development //

public policy // business innovation // journalism //  entrepreneurship //
design thinking // biomimicry // art // fashion

"Something that's very much needed in a world where we try to solve problems in isolation, without getting to the root cause"

—  Biomimicry entrepreneur, Netherlands


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a community on a journey

We are an interdisciplinary team
powered by a global network of change makers


founding team

7Vortex is the evolution of an intertwined journey of endeavours, friendship and mutual inspiration between Hugo and Camille.

While our work is informed by 40+ combined years of experience in a wide range of industries, countries and sectors, our bond is based on our values, our shared wonder of the world around us, and mostly, by a strong sense of purpose about how we can play an active role in shaping a more sustainable and equitable way of life.

You can find here an extended version of our story, in the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out, we are always open to exploring new ideas. 

Although we move around quite a bit, you can generally find at least one of us in Brussels or Mexico City which are the places we call home.

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Hugo Araujo


Biomimicry Systems

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Camille Dubois


Digital Strategy

we'd love to hear from you!

You can send us an email to team@7vortex.com, feel free to let us know if you have a special interest in talking to anyone in particular.  If you are looking to request a speaking engagement, you can also send your inquiry to that email account.


a creative society thriving in balance with the planet

global catalyst network

Systemic change is inherently an individual and collective effort. Which is why, to allow ourselves to dream about it, we need to understand our reality from as many perspectives as possible; it is diversity what gives us richness and choice.


We have a global network of innovation agents and agencies, which are continuously looking to expand and activate. The network is based on mutually reinforcing relationships and, not only does it help everyone to grasp new opportunities, but it plays a key role in increasing our cultural and geographical outreach.

Please reach out if you feel identified with our vision. 

Find an expert agent or agency

If you are looking for support to build ecosystems thinking capabilities, or partners to explore the realisation of specific initiatives, get in touch with us to explore if we or someone from the network can help. 

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Ecosystem thinkers, designers and creators: 
Lets explore ideas to work together!

  • Special content contributions

  • Joint projects

  • Workshops

  • Trainings


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